Data Driven


What’s Our Jam

We're a collective of tech geeks and creative demi-gods, all focused towards working out the cost-effective formulae that will please your CFO, pretty up your bottom-line, ease-up your operation's streamline, tidy up your content's storyline, all while your CTO and data recline on cloud nine.

We're here to re-imagine a media production workspace without the usual theatre of human-traffic, unorganised communication, cluttered spaces and so much more.

In a nutshell, we're here to give you a reason to flex and more importantly, look good while at it.

A content supply chain management marvel aimed at declustering and recalibrating the canvas of media production.

What We Offer

A bunch of skilled writers and seasoned engineers with hands in a lot of jars. Our services are our brand of assurance & respect for our clientele and our game-changing products. Majorly providing services to media spaces that simplify and plain-sails processes that traditionally requires deep manual and monetary investments. Quality-checking, meta-tagging, media packaging are our real jam but hey, we don't shy away from a challenge.

Business Transformation

Solution Design, Business Planning, Cost Optimisation, Workflow Build are few games we play with ease.

Business Transformation

We wish to replace business spaces that traditionally reap off a legacy structure with a sturdy framework based on shifting market demands and tactics. Solution Design, Business Planning, Cost Optimisation, Workflow Build are few games we play with ease; Legacy, Model, Tradition and Unsystematic Monetary Investments are what we tend to cease (I know, right?).

Quality Check

Video QC, Audio QC managed remotely for all channels.

Quality Check

Your content deserves the best and our super-breed of QC engineers are here to ensure that. We handle video and audio quality checks for broadcasting and digital delivery. Armed with the best of skills and mightiest of in-house tools, Contido Check, our engineers are the right lot to ensure your content is the spectacle it deserves to be.


Detailed scene cataloging Synopsis writing for OTT.


Cataloging demands a diligent and articulate understanding of the nuances of your content. Our writers just happen to be the masters of it. Accurate tagging of characters, scenes, emotions, brands to help retain data later on from the cloud bunker to roping in viewers with captivating synopsis, titles and other vitals on your OTT channel, we handle it all.


New service added to offering. Any language to English.


Scripting subtitles is one of our favourite jams because we believe entertainment belongs to everyone. Our content services also handle subtitle generation from any local language to English without error and compromise on quality. You have our word (IN ANY LANGUAGE, YOU PLEASE)! Told you we have our hands in plenty of jars.

Media Process

Transcoding, Packaging and DRM encryption for OTT or syndication.

Media Process

Meet all the demands of digital media production and OTT distribution. Our Media Processing services will help you transform any content to any screen size that you want to reach. Be it OTT platform or social media, we manage both Live and VOD delivery in HTTP Live Streaming, MPEG DASH along with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Dynamic Ad insertion capabilities.

Data and Network Ops

Data movement operations, network, security, tracking and monitoring. 24x7 attention & support.

Data and Network Ops

Given our tech background, data is the real deal for us. Irrespective of the enormous size of your content, our network operations are wired to moderate or nullify any impact on your workflow/process. With 24x7 backend support and control centres to track delivery, we commit to a transparent and honest relationship (like Wall-E and Eve's).

What’s Our Flex

Contido, our big guy, is the one pit solution to the mainstream mechanical beaten-to-death methods of content production. Equipped with elegantly tailor-made features for an efficient workflow, the big guy comes packing what otherwise requires an army of technicians, editors, creators, machines, tools and browsers.

As unlikely as it may seem, we're not here to redefine the millennial-tech workspace. We're here to make sure it is to stay.

We're the kind that believes more in innovation than invention. The kind that is going to usurp the traditional and beaten-to-death method of running a system and infuse it with 'foosball in my pyjamas Thursdays'. We're the ones steering change in the backdrop of media culture and above all, we're the ones putting your entertainment in the clouds and your experience through the heavens.

Where to find us


5A, Goldline Business Center,
Linkway Estate, New Link Road,
Malad West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400064

022 4210 9090


Incor 9, 2nd floor, Kavuri Hills,
Madhapur, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500033

040 4850 4800